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Bloggtitel:    Revolutionary Education Class / utbildning & roliga bilder
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Intressen:    nature, health, fractal (benign) astrophysics/physics, psychology of learning impediments/education

This blog is for those who are not afraid of something that, due to its very nature, has to be difficult to follow. I do everything in my power to make it easier to assimilate, even if it seems to some that I do everything I can to make it difficult.

Very few people today feel they have time for something that is not easy-listening, but I hope to pursuade these that life is not being lived if it revolves around how easy it is. I read a few bestsellers every year. This class is not so long that you can't participate fully.

I'm sure not all my views (sometimes I post views) are worth writing in stone, and I hope you will overlook my egocentricities and glean something of value to your relationships here.

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