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Av dennis hägglund - 8 juni 2008 07:15

Education that was not a part of required education may seem difficult to us. The intelligence challenges the ignorance, and the ignorance shrugs it off; which is stupid, but what is ignorance if not stupid. The ignorance accepts the Capitalist Carnival Of Joyrides as our right, and doesn’t want to go to school any more.

If we renew our efforts to understand the psychology of human development and the loss of the feeling mind we will finish with it, and soon be basking in the delightful love all natural creatures, including little children, feel for the sum of nature on Earth and above.

It may seem contrary to say, "Feel the meaning of the words.”, but that is just what we did as little children. If we did not feel the meaning we could not find a meaning. As we become intellectual and reasoning, emotions become a simple set, to suit the simple set of words for them. Then, as compensation, we have poets exploiting the loss by giving us back the passion, without the passion:

"And now the brief peace she had known was broken.

The serpent had reared its ugly head amid her roses;

it could be Paradise to her no more.”

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