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Where's God; what are meditation and religion?

Av dennis hägglund - 15 januari 2009 20:15


The conscious is called that because it is consciously observable, and the subconscious is called that because it is not consciously observable. At one time even our species had a mind that operated without any aspect of the operation becoming observable. When we are asleep that mind resumes its work. Imagine a dream where you had to observe the process of conceiving and constructing the dream. It would lose that thing the actors call "suspension of disbelief". In other words the fact the process was observable would mean you couldn't really dream.

So let's say that you once found God, but you found God with the mind as it was before you adopted a conscious (which would imply that all animals have found God; that it has nothing to do with being human, or even that being human is what makes us uniquely unlikely to find God). Then your conscious would not be the mind that found God. As soon as you adopted a conscious you would not have found God, or to put it another way, you would be conscious of not having found God. This is where religion comes in. You found God, then you lost God because having found God is not in the conscious, and now religion is going to help your conscious to find God. It's a racket!

The conscious can not ever become aware of what the subconscious is aware of, because the subconscious has the true-to-life or universal version while the conscious is composed completely of uniquely human versions. If we make anything that is in the conscious into a true-to-life version it ceases to be conscious. This is the basis of meditation. Make everything in your conscious true-to-life or universal and your conscious is empty; it vanishes.


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