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Av dennis hägglund - 23 september 2008 05:09


How evolved is life on Earth? This is a question regarding the depth of evolution, and it must be fairly obvious to anyone who asks the question earnestly that an evolved awareness is aware of the exact depth of life's evolution. The awareness is evolved enough that it is perfectly aware of how evolved life is. There is no divergence where life is evolved to a degree while the awareness is evolved to a lesser degree.

But man has contracted an aspect of mind (which is of awareness) called "conscious", and this distinguishes itself by not being aware of how evolved life on Earth is, and as it predominates it drives our original awareness, that which is aware of the depth to which all life on Earth has evolved, into "subconscious", which is where the original mind acts upon its awareness (instinct) without conscious approval or recognition.

Everything that conscious relies upon must be termed "illusion", because it is not deep enough to be real. For example, if a man makes a pleasant face we say he is happy. This is not true. This is a man who wants to make us believe he is happy from some concealed motive. That he is happy is illusion, and he consciously creates this illusion, which means he is preying on the shallowness of our conscious.

To evolve means to add depth to social reality, and yet man has done the exact opposite when he created his own conscious. The world changed at the hands of man, and man climbed aboard this change and looked back at the unchanged world and decided it lacks depth, which it does not in a realistic perspective. Rather it is the change man has wrought that lacks depth. To call man's efforts deep is mere salesmanship.

Creativity, then, is when we do something that has new depth, a depth man can not expect of man or of himself. This depth can not come from the conscious. It only happens when the original mind has been completed, which is when everything man has delegated to conscious is deepened until it is no longer divided from the original depth of the mind.

Why are things in the conscious? Because they are not as deep as reality, not as deep as the mind. The mind is deep and rejects what is not deep enough to be real, and if we resist this rejection we must find another way to keep this shallow input: conscious. So finding the real depth of these things will deliver them from the conscious, which will release the subconscious from its tether as a tame or domesticated mind.

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