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Why do the hormonal chemistries of individuals and species differ? As a general rule it must be for the same reason their bodies differ: they do different things, pursue different livelihoods. All sparrows living in a certain environment behave and eat more or less the same, finding what they need the same way, and so with all foxes, so within species there is generally a minor difference in chemistries. Sparrows and foxes need radically different chemistries, while sparrows and sparrows do not.

Man has a very special spectrum of activities, because man is a species unto itself. This is like when the world suffered and extinction level event, and a few species had to serve as the basis for re-diversification. The world has not evolved for billions of years in order to find itself reduced to one species. As soon as a species divides itself off to become the only species in some environment it begins to diversify, initially and most obviously into prey and predator, which means into ordinary people and sociopaths. You may think most sociopaths are institutionalized, but in fact they are more often quite successful people; and highly respected, not because they do good things, but because the things they do are said to be good. With success comes the right to a custom-made image.

Consider a politician, for example. How does a peace loving person become a politician? He can't. He must always ask himself if he is the right person for the job, because if there is a better suited person it is worse than mass-murder to take the job. And has any politician in the world's history ever asked himself if there is anyone more suitable? It requires an extremely cavalier attitude towards the suffering of the masses to present oneself as a candidate or accept an appointment to political office, and no one has devised a politic which precludes this predation even if several interesting books have been written on the subject, and a few interesting experiments have been performed.

With this preface we are hoping to establish that people's feelings differ because people's actions differ. Then, when we introduce the phenomenon "contempt" we can discover what the actions of contempt are.


If one allows contempt to possess oneself, which means if one allows oneself to indulge in certain actions (which we will quickly get to), its study becomes oversimplified. Contempt can not be a discovery when we have it only as our own feeling. So, can contempt be ones own exclusively in a relationship? In other words, if you meet me and just me on a path, and you have contempt for me, does it make any difference to your ability to feel this contempt for me if I don't feel contempt for you at the same time? Or is contempt, or any other feeling, always a cue that you are missing this feeling in the other because you allow it to possess you, which means you are missing the others antisocial resources or resourcefulness?

Why do we allow a feeling to possess us? Let us say that you see me and I am a deep mystery. If I am a deep mystery, then how do you know how to feel about me? Is it just a habit? I'm a slender mature man. Is that enough to trigger a feeling? Are we in some simple kind of competition, and not responsible for finding out the depths of each other? If we are sane, then we understand that even though we are both people, homo sapiens, we are deep mysteries to each other, and it behooves us both to be finding out about each other, rather than reacting with some conditioned social mechanism triggering itself by simple recognizable differences. We need to approach the new as if it were new! (And if we do so we will find that each of us is always new, that we have started something moving.)

Contempt comes from home. At some point in our development we become objects of desire to the parental generation. Those parents who don't overtly court us would do so if they could get away with it easily enough. A heterosexual father and his son, for example, are competing for the same thing, someones heterosexual daughter. But the father is married, most often, and can't admit to this competition. But he tells himself he is the obvious choice for the girl; the son is pathetic for his immaturity, his lack of a good job, etc. She deserves better than his son; she deserves himself. And it becomes important that the son remain pathetic in all the measures the father approves of in himself. In other words, he sabotages the son's chances. Sabotage is the message of contempt when we feel it as other, which is when we feel it without our own glands producing the chemistry.

And if the father is homosexual he has contempt for his son's interest in both girls and boys. He still has to sabotage the son's chances to find himself secure. This is why success, which requires some sort of sponsorship, is often founded on incest, which pedophiles call "children maturing rapidly".

And if the boy's mother is heterosexual she develops contempt, which is a plan to sabotage his chances, when she realizes that he finds girls his own age more attractive than her. And if she is homosexual he has become competition for the girls. So if he is living with both parents when he enters into the arena of romance he has both of their contempt, regardless of gender preference, which is often a conspiracy to sabotage his chances. War is a good way to get rid of unwelcome sons. It is for this reason it is very hard to slow down or dampen any international conflict. The world is full of unwelcome teenage sons, and parents seeking ways to dispose of them.

The situation is secret, of course. Subconscious as far as the conscious observer is concerned. So the son assumes the role of the unintentionally failed development. He won't be going to the school he was accepted in or whatever, and he won't be dating a nice healthy girl from a good neighborhood. He'll be desperate, subservient, humble and perhaps promiscuous because every girl he meets wants his body but not his prospects. This is a son who doesn't know his destiny is a product of sabotage, which is a product of contempt. His mother claims to love him, his father claims to be confused about how all his best laid schemes to subvention his rise up the social ladder fell through. The parents generate a torrent of lies to cover up their mischief. This torrent is the usual source of the fiction in books and on the television.

Now this son is in the position of the herbivore who doesn't know the tiger is silently hiding in the grass downwind. He assumes the contempt he feels is his own contempt (thus he assumes that sabotage is his own device, his own inspiration), whereby it possesses his body and is played through his glands so that he has no way to find that alien contempt which is his family's, and the real nature of his fall from grace.

This susceptibility to the feeling as his own is also an action he indulges in. He can't have only the feeling of contempt as his own. There is always the action inspired by any feeling, or the feeling inspired by the action, whichever end one wants to approach the matter from, since there is neither cause nor effect. Recall how we said in the preface that we have chemistry because we have different actions. Contempt is virtually a new predatory species, a mutation in the child who was not that way, and had no such problems as mom and dad actively trying to sabotage his chances.

The action among boys in the upper grades of schooling is usually lies. There are honest boys who have some fair amount of charm to the gender they are inclined to court, and to sabotage these boys chances requires only that someone lies about himself. The honest boys are known to have done the usual trivial things: homework, maybe sports, television, videogames, etc. But the liars are known to have done all those things that only exist in fiction. They have walked on mars, been on secret missions for Her Majesty, solved murders, killed terrorists, and so on. The pose wins the contest.

And girls play an equally deep game using makeup and high heels and other fashion tricks. Glamor, it's called. Glamor works better than good genes and healthy routine. A girl who is not slim enough for her stature looks slim enough if she seems taller, while a girl who is slim enough in the first place has no option but to accept that she has been reduced to a mere equal of the chunky girl. And the chunky girl is prepared to give in to the boys' fantasies, which she signals with her fashion, and by painting herself to appear more vivacious than the healthier girls. She competes at full throttle. She makes sure she is on every boy's mind, pushing out the better girls.

Fictions gives us all a circle of the good people, the ones we have to save, or who have to save themselves, from the few bad people around. It is difficult to want to discover the real nature of acquaintances. They are mysterious and new, and yet it is easier just to agree to accept them as well meaning, which is how they portray themselves to us. When we say we want to discover someone who is new and mysterious we mean someone wonderful, not someone awful, not a vulgarian. There is already too much that we need a vacation from in life; we are disinclined to add more to it. But as we discover others as they truly are we also discover how to live very seriously, which is gratifying. And the reason all this predation exists is that it has gone undiscovered, so it is all our own fault. Subconsciously, as the police psychologists are so fond of saying, everyone longs to be caught.


Hate is a closely related feeling. Most hate we encounter is feigned, affected, and so found consciously, not by feeling as other. If you really hate you are actually trying to rape, torture and kill. It is hard to hate very much without first making yourself very sick physically, and it is hard to hate when you are very sick unless you have some tonic or balm for the symptoms. Heroin is sometimes called monster, because it completely liberates a person from what he has done to himself, so that he sees very clearly how he could rape, torture and kill. Performance enhancement is not only about cheating at sports.

We say "done to himself", but of course there are predators. If the obese person hates the hate did not originate there. For example, people have sold him more food than they should have, and the wrong food, and then other people have sold him treatment and pharmaceuticals. Someone who wantonly participates in making a person obese and in preying on the obesity is also hateful.

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