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Av dennis hägglund - 15 augusti 2008 13:50


The ultimate farce of education is when it produces psychologists. A psychologist by education's measure is at best a normal person. This means he has been elevated from a normal person who needs therapy to a normal person who can't admit that normal people are perpetually self-diminishing, always senile compared with their younger days. He vindicates authority, like some Pope of Normalcy.

Two kinds of people exist in normal society: those who have suffered severe damage due to experience, and those who have little or no experience; old and young. Authority is a vice indulged in by those who are damaged, as they inflict the damage on new generations.

Authority is an insistence that becoming damaged is wisdom; that the adults damaged themselves intentionally. There is no authority of being rational, because being rational will not spread by insisting, or by demanding respect, cooperation, obedience, friendliness, etc. There are no rational second fiddles. Humanity under present circumstances is something each one must become equally expert at, and which each undamaged person can readily achieve because his humanity is intact, lacking only the latest chapter or upgrade.

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