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Av dennis hägglund - 13 augusti 2008 16:36

Today I have begun a process of rewriting the original entries in this blog; a sort of second draft. I chose this method as opposed to starting another blog for the rewrite. You, the reader, are being taken more seriously, and I hope you'll enjoy that.

Av dennis hägglund - 13 augusti 2008 05:14


Human life develops in confusion. Confusion makes a conscious, a separate and isolated place in the mind, where the confusion seems clarity. This resemblance to clarity is so convincing that if we try to make something clear we are trying to give this conscious a complete grasp of it.

At some point, usually around the time when we are trying to gain some sexual experience, thought introduces itself into the conscious, eliminating for a lifetime all resemblance to the mental or perceptual workings of other species and of children. We become an oddity, with our waking hours being neither waking nor sleeping, but with no way to know what waking is to those who have it to be.

When we are thinking we are trying to make certain that what we know about ourselves does not become known to anyone else. We are aware that if anyone else comes to know what we know about ourselves we would no longer be respected. We would be ostracized, shunned.

We think in order to represent ourselves as someone others do not reject, fully knowing that if they knew what we know of ourselves we would be rejected. This in itself precludes relationships. We can not think of or imagine having relationships, because the foundation of relationship is to have complete awareness of each other. We resign ourselves to something else from our encounters, the way people are resigned to cows for their milk. We become exploiters.

If we are shut up in a box, for what they call "sensory deprivation", it is at first stimulating; helpful in a way. When we come out we tend to see things more clearly. But if we are trapped in the box for a long time the opposite happens. When we finally get out we are not interested in the world. Being away too long has destroyed perception. And this is where thinking leads. This is exploitation: a blindness to life's true worth.

We have a past. If you are drowning you still long for air. Air is the past. But if you are guilty, if you know what no one must know about yourself, you do not long for innocence. The innocence has actually vanished from your ken, like someone who would not breathe once he surfaced. You see a world without innocence (without the innocence that is actually there), which is a world that does not invite attention to the perpetual present (as the real world, where innocence exists, does).

It is confusion that gives us the world of progress as it has been throughout history and is today. This progress gives us plenty to gain so we have no need for relationships, no need for the original and evolved wholeness of the mind and perception. Most people never realize they have lost something profound, because they have so much trivia to gain. Society is an environment for those who have lost sight of the beauty of innocence, and the beauty of innocent living. It is a morbid retreat from universal values.

Is it this private self-knowledge of a past that can not bear another's scrutiny which wakes up thought instead of perception each morning? What would it be like to find perception awake? Nothing you saw would mean what it means to society. A child would be a child, and not a student of human society. A breast would be a breast and not an opportunity. A cow would be a slave and slavery an abomination. And the stars would be an infinity and an eternity of profounder events past than ever happened or will happen on Earth, rather than astronomy.

Perception is not the senses, the sight and hearing and so on. These vary from species to species, while perception does not, because perception is what all the species together accomplish. But only in innocence, which is freedom from confusion, immersion in total clarity of others.

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