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Av dennis hägglund - 6 augusti 2008 16:08


Deceptions create belief. No deception means no belief, a void of the experience of believing, a kind of virginity of the mind.

Belief is a surface effect. Once we have people believing something we have established a surface on which we can sow shallow things (knowledge) as a substitute for discovery or depth of learning. To learn deeply and quickly, then, we must remove this surface.

And it is hard to remove. This is not just patriotism or religious nonsense, but the deceptions imposed on us by each older person we met during childhood, and then our peers, and eventually even our juniors. Deceit is the intended product of thinking, which is ubiquitous.

Words embrace all. They embrace the shallow and the deep. We can all say "Love" and "God" and "Evolution" and so on. So when there is something deep in love, in God, or in evolution, we have two versions. Thus the student who has deep love will always be meeting the teacher who has shallow love, and the teacher will always belittle the student's love either directly or by insisting that they both have the same love.

Language mesmerizes, so that it becomes impossible to tell a person that he is not looking deeply, because he is in full possession of every deep word. From this perception we must derive what it means to be a serious teacher, a teacher who never resorts to gaining control of the students. Control is shallow; it is the recourse of the shallow mentality. I get paid to teach, which means I must get results, but I am shallow, which means I can only get a result if I control the student so he accepts shallowness as the desired result, a result that on the surface seems to be genuine although it never represent new insight, 'new insight' being the definition of education.

Intelligence wants to go deeply; it is equipped for it. Authority or control means forcing shallowness on those who are innately deep. Only by forcing them can they be made shallow. Once shallow they are prey for exploiters, and we have a politic of exploiters instead of public servants.


What is intelligence? It is when experience has not interfered with evolution. Experience is achieved in a way evolution actually resents (as it resents human habitats, the fount of experience), which is why it creates a separate mental compartment called conscious.

Consider virginity. Virginity is chaste. What is it waiting for? Intelligence! Ask experience when to make a child, or just when to have sex for the hell of it, and it has an answer, but intelligence has no answer, meaning it produces no child (given society as it is) and no sex.

(No child? If you need the government to make and maintain an incubator to hatch eggs, which do you do, make eggs, or wait until the incubator is fully functional? Look how stupid it actually is to make babies and then complain about the world not being fit for them. 'Rotten eggs preferred' is who governs, no matter what pretty phrases they campaign with, and if you want to change that you don't play into their hands.)

Experience becomes ones eyes, and through them one can not see this chastity or this intelligence. Show them a virgin and they are just waiting for a chance to change his or her status. There is profound beauty there, but through the eyes of experience one finds only a fresh new toy.

This undiscovered beauty is the depth a virgin's relationships can achieve. It is unfulfilled potential, like having lungs but being stuck on the bottom of the sea. Of course this is only sexual virginity. Experience has already robbed this person of a great deal of his or her potential, so sexual virginity is not the complete potential; it is only a great deal more potential than what will remain after sexual experience, which usually comes after the experienced peers, functioning as authority/control, have sufficiently berated the adolescent for having none ("peer pressure").

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