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Av dennis hägglund - 3 augusti 2008 10:51


When we are deceived by someone's self-representation, where he represents himself as respectable be means of conscious self-control, something must become misplaced. In fact, anything that is true about the person and his relationships must become misplaced.

To illustrate, let's say we are watching a video of a person being himself, a video taken of him in private without his knowledge. But! Before we can view this video he catches us and imposes a photo of himself over the video so that all we see of the video is its edges. We strain and strain to make sense of these edges, but all we really are getting is his touched up portrait. One thing we do know, however, is that what we are seeing around the edges is misplaced in the context of the portrait. So what we want to see is where is the parallel of this video information when someone is putting on his usual act.

And the answer is: it's feelings. Let's say this is an angry person, but his portrait, his act, is saying that he is feeling quite at home and nonchalant. If we look at the act, then the anger is misplaced. And when there is misplaced anger present there is a conditioned inclination to assume it as ones own. As ones own it fails to produce a sense of the other's anger, even though the other's anger is actually present. As soon as we decide it is our own it becomes suitable to our own disposition, thus it fails to serve as disclosure.

Consider the zebra (from an earlier entry) who assumes the role of killer because it doesn't see or smell or hear the tiger in the reeds. It is not feeling a tiger's killing lust. It has subverted the information by taking credit for it. There is no such thing as a bloodthirsty zebra, so that subversion is quite dramatic.


Envy is a conditioned response to a contrived stimulus. Let's say you see someone with a costly boat out on a lake. The boat is a contrived stimulus. Man invented it. So instinct is not used to it's presence. This means we, as authority, can more or less dictate how it will be viewed. And since we want to make money on this invention we condition everyone born to say, "Wow! I wish I had one!", leaving those of us who can't afford one in an odd and uncomfortable place.

Nature equipped us with a way of always perceiving directly what is going on. So when we as people who can't have the costly boat see the person who has one we are not actually left having to try the boat to find out what happens when a person has one.

Let us say that a person has something that completes him. Why would the feeling then be bad or strange? Why wouldn't it be uplifting like seeing a species of bird with its wonderful unique wings? Is it possible to find a bad feeling accompanying something good? It is quite schizoid, this idea that in some cases we are delighted by someone who is complete, and in other cases we are broken up about it.

Here we have another example of the video hidden by the portrait, except here the video has been explained so that we are inclined to think it is a nice frame for the portrait. How lucky can a person be, when he owns things that people envy him? Portrait: happy owner. Frame: we envy him. That explains everything. Nothing seems misplaced.

Intelligence is social. So if we direct our affections to mere objects, like boats, we become senile. Envy as other is the discovery of the degree of senility the owner has incurred to date. If we want to keep the mind, which is the perception and the thrill of living, fresh, we have to indulge our instinctual urge to socialize broadly, with all the available species. Intelligence is the ability to cross social distances, which means we originally have an overwhelming urge to find other species, and to maintain a kinship with them (Human language is actually one of our most detrimental habits, so verbal thinking is anathema to our intelligence). The full spectrum of the social distances we are crossing is our whole intelligence, the one by which we conceptualize God and the cosmos as well as someone can at this point in evolution.

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