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Av dennis hägglund - 12 juli 2008 18:53

Schizophrenia is an example of an illness of the intelligence, and thus it is incurable when approached as an illness of the intellect.

Imagine something that is wrong with your mind, and yet there is no cure for it! How can this be? If we say there is no cure for it we are saying there is no illness. Any time there is an illness in a person who was born normal there is a cure, excepting of course when there are only charlatans bidding on the project.

Do you want to understand the distinction between approaching problems with intelligence and approaching them with intellect? Do you want to cease being duped into relying on those whose only approach is through the intellect, the traditional, money-making, approach? If so, you've come to the right class.


Intelligence evolved; intellect is adopted. We adopt intellect by collecting it where intelligence is lacking, where there is a vacuum of intelligence. As we change the world we take intelligence out of its depth, and this makes room for intellect. Thus, wherever there is intellect providing a solution there is a need for new intelligence. Get the related new intelligence and you have evicted the related intellect.

Just the simple process of changing the world generates the opportunity to supply intellect, which is a gold-mine. Let's take language, one of the most ancient and effective changes. What was truth, truth being the very essence of communication, before language was developed? When we are being taught to speak and taught what to say, are we being taught a new way to communicate, or a new way that is not communicating at all? It is a question of an established standard. We are told that language sets a new and higher standard, but this is far from true; this is brutal charlatanism, quackery.

In language we even adopt a God who is pure nonsense, utterly lifeless; incredible mischief, and in all history perhaps three people we know of have ever recovered from it.

Communication has evolved, and so it is in its present form (before language) an absolute, and language has never attempted to conform to this absolute. Language has always assumed itself to be rooted in the utterly separate ideal of a new and safe environment, like a cage for mice, where evolution is obsolete and everything man has become through evolution now serves him solely as a variety of vehicles for a variety of self-indulgences. That we see so well, for example, has come to mean that we can indulge in pornography; and the backlash of this is that vision devolves, no longer having its original status (which is good for business, with its own branch of medicine).

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