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Is being serious someone's job? or ours!

Av dennis hägglund - 30 juni 2008 08:20

"One loves as perceiving all the love on Earth as other together."

The division of labor and responsibility idealised in human social theory (where it has been compared to the division within a nest of ants that has always worked out so well) has a very obvious and basic flaw: People of working age are thinking the whole time they are awake.

What is thinking? Thinking is to have abandoned relationships in favor of services surreptitiously acquired. Since thinking is hidden, and is about acquiring services, the services are not openly acquired. Thinking, in other words, is to lay a trap for people. Thus, when you say that your job is this and mine is that, you have made the blunder of assuming that when I know what you don't know I won't use this advantage against you (in a way you can't watch: thinking).

Now, let's say that you want my help, because my work has brought me some very unique understanding about the human mentality. What you are conditioned to expect is that I do my job and you continue doing yours. That's what you would get if you went to get therapy, or if you went and studied traditional human psychology. So you are not primed for me to say, "Intelligence must become completely mutual. We must have an intelligent species, not an intelligent doctor and an ignorant school-teacher or whatever.". You are not primed for me to make you work as hard as I do at what I do.

How do you know that every adult is thinking? Is it because you are thinking, and you know you are more or less normal? Is it an estimate, a guess, a suspicion, a certainty, a deduction? It doesn't matter how certain one is; it is still merely a conviction; it still satisfies only reason, and reason has no nourishment but lies and facts (facts being things taken out of context, thus making them facts placed on a pedestal, facts glorified for profit).

The only way to actually live with people as they are thinking is to find thinking and its emotional environment (privacy/opportunism/and abandoning of all relationships, except as manipulation may be called relationship) as other. We can not think, can not have privacy of thinking, can not have abandoned relationship, and also find them as other, since to discover the whole of other is in fact relationship, and is a complete substitute for what goes on in the head, so that in doing this there is nothing left ever to be doing in ones head.

As the other thinking is having been abandoned, having been conned and manipulated.

As other opportunism is a spark of feeling that sets of the next thought in the chain which only ends with sleep, and the reason for the opportunism in the other is that you are not watching thought as other, which is because you are thinking. In other words, your thinking makes you as the trusting mouse in the cat's eyes. You are thinking, and this distraction provides him with the opportunities that drive his thoughts.

As other privacy is his delusion that what he hides his thinking from is a person, you, and not a mere thinking process which tricks him into believing there is this person, "you".

As a child we heard of thinking as a respectable process, never as a brutal process. We were deceived into expecting that thought was hidden even though it was not private. People who thought often asked us what we thought, and we could conceive of replies to that, since things did in fact impinge on our minds most of the time adults were about. We have no idea that adult thinking was lurking, and that it was reflected in utter oblivion to the present world. So going from childhood's idea of thinking, into actually thinking, leaves out this one simple step of discovery: other adults are thinking. Their thinking is not that things do impinge on their minds now and then. It is not an escapable distraction, not a problem of responsibility or confusion haunting one a little now and again. Their thinking is an alternative to living in the world, a way to permanently put the living animal into the trunk or boot of the vehicle and take over the wheel of its vehicle.

Thinking as a grown child or young teen doesit is not a self in itself. There is no thinker of these little distractions from the present. The distractions are not a place, but just attention sacrificed that could otherwise be making the environment more enchanting. There is less or no control over these distractions, so that some psychologists have called them "childhood schizophrenia" when the child admits to them, even though the words of such thinking are few and far between. There is no effort in this thinking to contrive a way to deceive someone. There is no rehearsal for the next meeting. Adult thinking can be as mad as schizophrenia, where the person starts rehearsing aloud, or while moving the lips, even in public, oblivious to those who notice it.

So from the nearly benevolent idea of adult thinking (which was that adults thought like we thought) to thinking like an adult, can only happen if we don't first discover how the adult thinks. Step 1 to step 3, neglecting step 2, leads to 3. And this mistake can be corrected. We can find out even at this later date that the adult thinks in a way that does not fit the idea we were originally provided with. This can not be done by helping reason, or what Freud defines as conscious, to find the other adults' thinking, since reason and conscious are the environment of thinking. One has to show a more complete aspect, the animal, this other thinking, and this amounts to the animal showing itself the other thinking. This happens if you just let thinking be there, but not as yours; Let opportunism be there, but not as yours; Let abandoning relationships be there, but don't abandon the relationship.

Look how irrational it is to ask another, "How do you feel? What are your feelings?". Is a feeling a fact? It is like asking what is your song. Oh, it's a Mozart, it's a Smashing Pumpkins, it's an Aria. If it is your song, the only way to show it to someone is to sing it. And if we can not find each other's feelings we are far more lost than that. No one's conscious control of his voice, words and expression or manner is so complete that the animal is distracted for a second. Feeling is always reliable, until we assume the role of the feeler. We have a feeling (other than intense awareness) as ourselves, only when we are falling for the cover something is hiding behind. This is why we can't love on demand like the Christians tell us to do. One loves what perceives all the love there is on Earth as other. One loves as perceiving all the love on Earth as other together.


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