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8 Tips to save u more than $.

Av dennis hägglund - 28 juni 2008 12:26

1. You can check your own health by biting your fingernail clippings. The softer they are (when dry) the worse your health. The lighter areas at the base, under the cuticles if you have any, show the progression of your decay. The more and bigger these areas are the more desperately your flesh is leaching your skeleton for what it is missing. Your flesh becomes desperate if you don't give it enough of what it needs, and if you give it enough but then put in the opposite, like flushing it out or counteracting it. See Yin and Yang in your healthfood store.

2. Buy a cheap dental mirror. Check each other's teeth before going to a dentist. Take macro pictures using the mirror, and bring them to the dentist office. Capitalism is spreading. The cheaper tricks are:

To hollow out and fill each of your molars as quickly as possible, just because it's quick and easy to do.

To con you into trying to get the bristles of your brush between the gums and the teeth, creating a need for cosmetic dentistry when your gums recede.

Always demand a copy of any x-ray that is made, dental or other, and make sure you have it safely stashed before you let anyone do anything to you based upon it. Can you think of a more important picture of you than one that an important decision is based upon?

3. If you have to own a car, make sure there is a self-diagnostic center available to you for that model. One of the more common problems with driving a petrol driven car is monoxide, which is like nicotine in that you don't have to smell the smoke to get the toxin. The toxin is a gold medal sprinter.

Most monoxide related accidents are not called anything but driver error, since the drivers themselves don't know what monoxide is like. Having a smoker in the car increases the monoxide problem from a slightly faulty exhaust many times. You should specify, when seeking a self-diagnostic center, that you want the latest in CO detection. Cheap CO detectors for your garage won't tell you what you need to know.

4. Earplugs are a solution many people fail to think about. Ear plugs and ear phones are friendly solutions to living close together. With the big sound attenuators used at airfields and in construction you can use small earphones to listen to soft music from your mp3 player at low volumes. You might find that silence is often better than music, that quiet is what you were really looking for.

5. Even schizophrenia (which effects over one per hundred, so that many of us know someone) is significantly less painful using ear plugs, hence less medication is required. The noise in the brain competes with external noise. The schizophrenic may also find it useful to study up on Nitrous Oxide and Poppers as another way to reduce more hazardous medication, since these are available and legal in many countries. There is a lot of info plus where to buy. Dogpile, which I have a link to, may be your best search tool. (I personally would not class amyl nitrate as harmless, but I'm not going to elaborate. You'll have to do your own research, and the web is bristling with info on it.)

6. Bicycles and most footwear are incompatible with bulletin boards that encourage the use of thumb tacks. If you don't have the clout or cooperation to get these things changed to metal, you need to learn and to teach your children where every one of them is, so you can avoid them. It is illegal to get a refund for shoes that are leaking the first time you use them, if it is not a defect.

I have merely learned where they are in my favourite haunts, and I get a flat tire about once every 400 hours of biking at about 7 hours per week averaging the year out. But I do use very good tires as well. Not Kevlar, but good.

7. Dance and gymnastics corrective surgery blossoms out with capitalism. Suspect it. Everyone wants a miracle. I have one for you: take my class!

8. Photography: a digital camera should have 2 levels in it, portrait and landscape. Having to rotate a single degree screws up your res. Until then, watch your levelling, or better, bring a small level. Gravity and relationship to it is a message you rarely disregard to good effect. I think it's more frustration with digital cameras than art that makes people exaggerate the effect, as if they meant it that way all along.

2 polaroid filters held perpendicular to each other will be opaque, but place one on your flash or lightsource and the other on your lens and all you lose is the glare. You can take pictures of glossy pictures or items with your camera's little flash. Source, Ansel Adams. A small piece of polaroid filter film will go a long way, if you have friends who want to try it. It's hard to buy two square inches.

With a model turntable, even a rotating stool, you can, with care about placement (u can dangle a weight from the ceiling to show center of spin), make a sort of 3D picture, which is great for these new frames you plug a memory stick or USB into. The background often needs to be plain so there is no comparison between object or model and background.


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