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let's talk DIRTY/ case files

Av dennis hägglund - 28 juni 2008 09:57

1. He was born the usual marvellous child. He told his mother they lived with the boogey man. Other kids and their moms didn't have to live with the boogey man! The father wouldn't stand for a child who knew how to criticise him. He sodomized the boy, out of sheer hate for his marvellous normalcy, as his father had done to him. When the boy later confronted him with the crime he told the boy it had been his mother's father who had done it; that he would cut off his arm before.., etc. He also told the boy that during his infancy he had only cried when his mother held him; that it had been hard to keep her from touching him and making him cry. Home-made misogyny. Some months later the father resumed having sex with the boy, each time given him enough alcohol that he would laugh while being sodomized, and saying that it was good for him, that it would eventually heal the injury from the rape. He established other reward patterns besides the alcohol, so the boy would look forward to the sessions. As he grew the boy learned to exert extortion pressure, and did fairly well at it despite the alcoholism. The father learned to predict his demands and fulfil them before any threat was applied. Love meant to give before he was forced to, which kept him broke. The boy started a little band, but the drinking and a volatile temperment kept it from developing more than local recognition. All this came to light when he was found molesting a much smaller boy who thought he was a rock-star.

2. Her obese, self-prescribing, mother walked around like a General inspecting the worst of the troops, grumbling and growling, glaring at everyone. Everyone made way for her imperious disposition, parting like a sea before an ocean liner, putting it down as 'a mere psychological disorder', not wanting to interfere in her therapy. The girl was very impressed by this apparent command of respect from absolutely everyone. The behaviour of the mother was simple to explain: she had told the girl that she was a queen, and ruled over all the people. "The buck stops here!" Everywhere they went mother had to stay in character so the girl wouldn't think there was anyone she could tell about her unpleasant experiences as mother's sex-slave.

3. A boy had a father who actually was an officer in the police. He had the idea that all the police stood by each other no matter what they had done. He was regaled with stories of the crimes each cop had committed and they were all keeping quiet about. Getting paid for sex with his father was just a perk; he really had nothing to do about it. This same cop also had a list of people whose children he had sex with as a bribe to keep them out of jail. None of this would ever have been discovered if the cop in question hadn't been hurt in an auto accident and taken to a hospital where a doctor, trying to determine who to notify, noticed his little phone book had some very peculiar entries.

4. Another obese woman who self-prescribed (and had a key-machine so she could burgle the local grannies she had visited perfunctorily, grannies who had the tablets legitimately) sent her two retarded children out to invite other children to stay the night, tempting them with promises of all kinds of sweets. Gradually about a dozen children began to suffer varying degrees of retardation, according to how often they overnighted with the lurid family. She was respectable enough in dress, housekeeping and manner that not many thought her anything but unfortunate to have two retarded kids, but her sex-life was composed of drugging children into unconsciousness and having sex with them.

5. A girl had sex with her obese alcoholic father, mostly oral at first, so early she couldn't say when it began. He used her like some male version of the vibrator. Once she could speak he used rewards and threats, the most effective threat being that if everyone knew about her "whoring" she would become an outcast just like he would. She wasn't all that inclined to tell anyone in any case, since she was actually accustomed to and inured to the abuse, although she really did believe that the abuse would only get worse if she were put in some institution. (Her experience was that everyone had sex with kids.) He also promised her that having learned sex meant she could get rich, since rich men wanted sex with her as well. In the circles he travelled she learned that this was so, except that none of them were very rich. She developed an expensive taste in drugs and had a lot of customers, and a lot of diseases. People who want sex with children seem often to know each other and each other's predilection, perhaps because they do a lot of drinking together, drink being a sort of lubricant that makes people say more than they would otherwise.

6. A very ugly and somewhat slow woman, on some pharmaceutical program which she supplemented with cheap wine, had a very ugly baby boy. About a year later she went out and kidnapped a lovely little girl the same age. She had named her boy Erik, apparently planning to make this switch. She adjusted the birth-certificate she had to say Erika. No one got her to say how she disposed of the boy. The girl was poisoned in her crib with solvents and became retarded to the point where she didn't have to go to school. The woman collected a pension for the child, and was only found out to be a pedophile when she started picking up other children of an unlikely age and masturbating herself with them. She seemed under the impression that this was what the neighbors sent their children outside for.


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