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lies believed become ego

Av dennis hägglund - 28 juni 2008 07:48

If we appreciate the relationship between feelings (genuine glandular events) and perception, as per earlier instalments, we realise that ego is not a love for oneself as popular theory has it, but a belief in the lies others have told us. Ego is about how many and what kind of lies we have accumulated (lies accumulate as belief and trust), and how early, or how close to utterly devoid of suspicion we were at the time.

Therefore Catholics have frightening egos, as do Tibetan Buddhists, Radical Muslims, Orthodox Jews, and others who fit the pattern where parents have allowed very early and severe brainwashing. George Bush has asked that schools reinstate the policy of turning out US patriots, who have begun every day by putting their hands over their hearts and pledging allegiance to the flag of the only people fit to rule the world. For patriot, read "hooligan". GW was very disappointed at the turnout for the 'let's exterminate the Muslims' campaign. A blow like 9/11 should have generated a lot more racial hatred (especially when he had inflated the figure to 9 or 10 thousand dead) in the Republican estimate.

In other words, if one is raised a Catholic Christian, for example, and one discovers how very human and corrupt Catholic priests and popes are in general, then the greater majority of one's ego has vanished. Ego is drive, and so traditional psychology says that this is a bad idea; but it becomes an excellent adjustment if it leads to inspiration, which is a natural driving force. Inspiration opposes the products of the ego force, products everyone knows how to produce, and so it is not going to become popular overnight.

One of the most special cases of egotism is when incest leads to prostitution and extortion, and from there to great power and wealth. Is incest right, actual sex with ones children and grandchildren? Any normal person understands that incest is terrorism, but these "successful" victims are far from victims in their own minds, and manage to actually pass on to their children that incest is a gift from God. Incest fundamentalist, a term for our times. This confusion is just as "natural" as Catholicism. And we can add it to any of the others: Catholic Incest Fundamentalist, for example, producing a very "natural" leader concealing strictly demonic ambitions from "the extremely inferior masses".

How does this switching of roles work? Why isn't your ego you? Let's say I'm a priest. I teach you that those who don't accept what I say, and follow the rituals I provide, which I say is what Jesus said to do, and what God told Moses to do, are going to hell. "Lucky you, who doesn't have to go to hell, because you are listening to me and following my rituals, which is listening to Jesus and God." You, at this time, are too young to question this. Church is holier than home. Without it mother and father would be going to hell. So doubt is not an option; you become Catholic. This is like inflating a tire. Your ego gets so inflated it will pop. And the only pressure this is about is deceit. Let out the deceit, which is so hard to do because you were so young at the time, and you become more humble, more prepared to see things as mere diversity, and as your own responsibility rather than as divided into good people and evil people, well-meaning and ill-meaning ideals.

To let the pressure out you have to discover what belief is as other, which an uninstructed child can not do, which is why we are having this class. When conceit washes over innocence, accepted by this innocence as more innocence, it becomes belief, the innocent form of conceit. When conceit washes over innocence as other it remains conceit.

As other (as discovery), the belief becomes conceit, which is the other's faith in his skill as a liar, a long history of not being questioned because he chooses to address only preconditioned audiences. What is Dalai Lama's problem today? He is being kept apart from the preconditioned people. He is like a surfer with only a wading pool left to work with. He would do and say anything to get back on the sea. He would swear, sign, confess, humble himself (he says that in his dreams he is only a Buddhist monk, not the Dalai Lama, which is a very well conceived fabrication: 'I'm not a surfer; I'd just like to wade in the deeper water'. He has been laboring with the problem of conning the Chinese into letting him have his audience back, like Mick Jagger trying to get himself knighted despite all the bizarre things he has published and recorded), or recruit the devil himself. One of the most malevolent men on the planet, so that belief in him and his rituals is generating one of the most dangerous mass egos on the planet.

The priest, in the eyes of the child, is holy as he says he is, and as the parents and neighbours say he is. This is a mask, a disguise, but the child sees it as the whole truth, as a man who is nothing else but holy, like the reverse of being scared of a monster Halloween costume. The conceit, then, is private, secret, invisible to the child. It washes over the child, but only as himself, because he has not made other of it. As himself, his best version of conceit is belief. This is the same as when a pedophile lusts after him, while pretending to be a nice guy. The child's best version of lusting is having to pee in his pants, so he squirms and tries to tie a knot in his legs.

We may think that to help a child confront the rude realities, like that of the pedophile's lust for children, not as a fact but as perception of the lust itself, is too crude, but it is only as crude as a buffalo calf understanding that the lion kill for food, which no buffalo has to learn to do. There is no dwelling on the discovery when the discovery is of this kind. It is only a discovery of the mistakes people are prone to making, the traps they are prone to triggering. A child who is pushing pedophiles out of his environment at a single glance is a healthier child. It is the lust that lingers; the discovery of the lust is complete and over instantly. An unexposed pedophile lusts all day and all night. He is safely ensconced in the lusting niche. An exposed pedophile has other things on his mind.


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