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Av dennis hägglund - 27 juni 2008 11:26

When we deceive a child for the first time in its life, we actually create a part of the mind that has never existed in any creature. It is called "memory" (because it can also hold facts, facts being a form of deceit like vitamin tablets), a misnomer.

Thought is to prey on memory, and everyone can do it (make the other believe!) by the age of twenty, but despite this skill no one can prevent himself believing everyone else. This means thought and believing are preferences. We prefer believing to the only other thing man can inspire, which then, by inference, must be APATHY.

Want a third option? That takes longer.

Av dennis hägglund - 27 juni 2008 11:02

Where should people be living on this planet, and where should they be discouraged from living? Can we make a map of the varying degrees of safety from natural disasters?

Can we subsidise moving people from less safe to more safe places? Would this cost more or less than to send help, which for so many people comes far too late in any case? Is there an age ahead of us, of global reasoning, global planning? And if so, isn't it time for that age? Don't we have enough videos of how Mother Earth behaves? Isn't it brutal to sit and watch the world suffer on the news, and then send inadequate care packages that rarely arrive, and condolences?

We also need a map of the varying degrees of safety for many projects, like dams and the regrettable nuclear waste repositories which are going to plague all foreseeable future generations who will have the sense not to be making any. China reported almost having a wild nuke from their recent problems. Call it sheer luck; certainly not global planning. (What do you call a China Syndrome in China?)

Isn't our approach to the world's problems a little like an insurance company that tells half the people to 'take great risks; the other half can afford it'? When is politics going to become a science instead of a circus of superstars, an aristocracy? Doesn't it sicken you that people make a game of the very thing that is urgently needed, like making a carnival ride of the fire-department?

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