Alla inlägg den 23 juni 2008

Av dennis hägglund - 23 juni 2008 00:00

In this class we have shown that the various forms of authority we encounter throughout our lives condition us to live our lives in such a way that everything pertinent to our intelligence, our decision and action resolving process, accumulates as things hidden from us, and we have shown that when another's feelings are hidden from us we adopt the feeling as our own to our best ability.

We have shown that, in the shadow of language, laughter, which communicates in a universal way, seems to lack the nuances to serve as communication, because we listen to language very slowly while one must listen to the universal sounds very quickly.

We have shown that feelings as self lose their nuances. Feelings are only nuance-rich when they are perception, other, which is when they are important. As ones own feeling a feeling has no real significance. Nothing depends on a careful perception of a feeling that seems to be ones own, while everything depends on a careful perception of every nuance of a feeling that is other or others.

We have shown that nature and the cosmos lose their sanctity to a perception that habitually accepts a version of authority, including the authority of peer pecking order, that hides everything we needed to see.

These are the phenomenon related to the shrinking of activity volume in the brain, which authority has labelled "concentration" so that those whose brain activity covers the whole brain are, in this definition, unable to focus.

So there are two kinds of people: those to whom everything they need to perceive to live sane and free lives is hidden, and those who have restored the animal to the throne by completing its perception to include human mischief.

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