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Av dennis hägglund - 20 juni 2008 22:44

When, as toddlers, we are first able to listen to the words, we are told lies about who we have been so far and who our mothers have been to us so far. Then accumulation: each adult proceeds to tell us the lies about who he is and has been and will be, and also we get a history of who every known adult past and present was or is. And finally, around puberty, one by one our peers begin to manufacture lies about themselves in the same spirit, until we have no friends left of a real kind. There is a believer in us, falling for all these lies, and only this believer is not abandoned (as is that in us which waits for truth, reality, communication).

Each adult knows of himself that he projects someone who is not real for people to relate to as himself. Each knows that the person who develops a relationship with this projected someone is not relating to a living being, and hence that he is utterly alone despite having this "relationship".

Thus: any adult person believing himself to be private in his mind rather than abandoned in the real world is actually insane. He is abandoned because he has no one that he is relating to or can relate to which is not a device of someone's thought. He is not private because he is not hiding from anyone real. He is hiding from the figment of others contrived by their thinking to keep what they imagine to be their real selves private.

This is elementary psychology, the first and most obvious starting point for self-discovery. The question is, is this for the private self to read, or is there another reader? When the private self reads the reading is not difficult because it is not making anything happen.

This is like any wasting disease: here is the cure, and are you going to take it, or are you really that intent on following the lemmings into the depths?


What the adult does in his head as an approach to his dealings with others is obviously not good for them. His perspective is that he does it, while a rational perspective is that all mature people have done it to us, as well as to everyone since the beginning of human history. Everyone we have met who was old enough has done this to us all our lives, and everything we have read or heard from the past was generated by this mental acrobatics, and it was not good for us; it did us serious harm, and it is the harm that is thinking.

Av dennis hägglund - 20 juni 2008 00:14

The strangest thing I see in the teaching environment is the idea every teacher seems to rely on, that all solutions are already available. If there is violence in the school, for example, all that is required is to send the teachers to a course on how to deal with violence in school. So, in reflection, all that is wrong with any school is that its teachers have not yet been sent to this course. The funny thing, of course, is that every school is full of violence. No one has ever seen the purported benefits of this wonderful course.

When no solution exists, the healthy thing to do is to pretend to have the solution and use it as if it works?

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