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Av dennis hägglund - 18 juni 2008 03:07

The second Discovery Moment experiment involves some pictures, although not in the same way. I will be putting a slide show on a site, and you can just collect it. But some people are shy about clicking on a .zip or and .exe file, and I have made the pictures 1024x768, to fit most tellys and monitors, wjile there are much larger files on the web. In either case, I suggest you collect images from the web yourself using the following search words: hurricans, typhoons, tornados, dust devils, whirlpools, galaxies and the planets with the rings. I have personally used a downloader called Grab JPG, which is free and flawless for 15 days. If you have a budget processor like mine you can't let it get too far ahead of itself, say past 1000 images in one search. I also recommend XNView, as an image managing tool, also free, but no time limit. The .exe files, self-executing slide shows, I make come from there. If you ae having trouble with your Google, I suggest Alta Vista and Dogpile, which I have put in links to.


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Av dennis hägglund - 18 januari 2009 08:31

Go to: http://seriouslyfolks.bloggagratis.se/   or http://dhagglund.wordpress.com/    if you want to see my new blogs. I warn you before you click that these are purely holistic psychology blogs, and the reading will require some concentrated effort ...

Av dennis hägglund - 15 januari 2009 20:15

  The conscious is called that because it is consciously observable, and the subconscious is called that because it is not consciously observable. At one time even our species had a mind that operated without any aspect of the operation becoming obse...

Av dennis hägglund - 12 januari 2009 21:42

  Gullibility is an opiate. The one who tries to correct it will seem more cruel than kind this side of time's horizon.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Some thousands of years ago a nearly four billion year old process of evoluti...

Av dennis hägglund - 7 november 2008 06:11

I find that writing Knols ("units of knowledge") more practical at the moment. Blogs are more for people who follow them. New readers are disinclined to go back to the beginning. So you might consider this: http://knol.google.com/k/dennis-hgglund/med...

Av dennis hägglund - 23 september 2008 05:09

  How evolved is life on Earth? This is a question regarding the depth of evolution, and it must be fairly obvious to anyone who asks the question earnestly that an evolved awareness is aware of the exact depth of life's evolution. The awareness ...

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