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Av dennis hägglund - 16 juni 2008 02:59

We are engaged in a process of discovery. Ironically, it is the discovery of reality. We find man in the absurd situation of being unable to grasp reality. Astronomers make the world of knowledge larger every day, but man, including astronomers, still prefers an unchanging place called conscious, where even "the one God” is so small he wants to consult with us, like Santa Claus, and where even this God can’t watch us flimflamming him because the process is private and he is as unsuspecting as the rest of those in our addled and sabotaged experience.

We understand some basic rights. The nature of thinking is to formulate falsehoods for effect, while a child has a right to unpolluted truth. Where the law sides with the liar there is no law. To teach children and to imprint something on them must be done without destroying or diminishing the gifts they are born with, and if a teacher or neighbour finds these gifts damaged he has a right to show the child how it was done. He has a right to expose family, friends, leaders, clergy, books, doctors, etc. Adults do think, and there is no thinking to present truth, except as thinking to usurp it (like a whore usurps a grant or scholarship), which requires only recognition of its worth.

We can not find reality as something that can be added to conscious. Conscious is tiny as a defence agaist the onslaught of a reality too profound to deal with as we have been taught and conditioned (insecurity plus security equals security if you ignore the insecurity, as conscious ignores un- and sub-conscious), and not because it is unschooled. So the way is not easy, like reading a best-seller or the scriptures. We must take a tiny flame that lives alongside of the conscious, as other than thinker or its thinking, and fan this dying flame into the light that penetrates all of man’s deceit and folly, because as we accept a shallower and well-meaning man it is accompanied by an equally weak perception of what man destroys and would destroy could he but reach it. Finding an evil among us, and within us as conditioning, is the price for finding the sanctity and astonishing beauty of what's around us. Depth can not be partial. See man only as a surface and we must see nature and the cosmos as equally shallow, and then some preacher, philosopher, therapist or professor can sound deep to us when “adding depth to conscious”, the world’s most trivial pursuit.

The study needs to begin from the first day’s postings. The steps of learning seriously are: Accumulate, and assimilate. You accumulate by action (which in this class means reading and looking), and assimilate by inaction or resting. You know it is time to accumulate more when assimilation is complete, which you will know by a feeling of needing to do it, eagerness to get back to it. You will know when it is time to assimilate by the sense of tiredness. Tiredness is an instinct saying you have accumulated as much as you can assimilate for now, and that you should assimilate while the recent upload is fresh. What we learn here is that anything your glands do, any cocktail of hormones they excrete, are defining your surroundings (which always implies a response: an action or rest), which is instinct. (What a chemistry set! Thank God science hasn’t come up with a way to milk it, or we’d all have tags in our ears.)

To have tiredness working as it should one needs to use as little caffeine and sugar as one can manage on. If you have to use these stimulants, make a time of day after your chores when you don’t use them, and switch to the mildest version you can function on at your chores, for example, green tea and maize-syrup, or if you must, maple syrup or maple sugar. Best, of course, is to go all the way down the yin ladder (Yin-yang is unfortunately the best study of food as it relates to health to date, since medicine is only lucrative as a way to milk 'the illness-cow', not to kill it. Imagine all that expensive education, just to say: "eat and drink cheaper stuff and less of it, and you'll never have to come back". Medicine will always find a costlier way to keep us sick longer. Died at 40, buried at 99.) to bancha roasted twig tea and occasional brown rice syrup or barley malt, but for some a sudden shift is not practical.

You crave yin as a direct consequence of yang, worst case, red meat. Study your fingernails to cheat the doctors: clippings should be as impossible to gnaw through as fishing monofilament, and the lighter areas at the base of the nails indicates a body starved for whatever can be leached from nail, bone, cartilage, and fibro-cartilage. These vanish from pinkie to thumb, one at a time, as you get better. In Sweden Kung Markatta knows who sells the stuff, including Grundboken i makrobiotik av K.M It matters to our learning ability how we feel, and matters to our feelings what our physical growth is rooted in, our roots being inside of us instead of in the ground like a tree’s. Essentially we are plants that pick up our dirt and compost and carry it with us, and like plants we want it free of human tampering.

When we are in charge of a feeling like tiredness (or any other feeling)through the power to apply stimulants, it can not serve in its natural capacity. No serious creature rests deeply only when it is going to sleep. An instinct ('instinct' by common usage, is a bit impersonal, a bit 'lab-procedural', but in our context it is synonymous with perception) will not trick one, so tiredness is not asking us if we feel like resting. In nature you miss this hormonal message (which is not mere tiredness when perceived as the observed or other, which is the self-oblivious and natural perspective, but a world expressing having no further use for us until we have caught on) and die.

When an adult human rests he is still not resting, because he has adopted thought sometime in his teens, and when we have understood thought’s genesis clearly the mind will resume being as it was before this tragic event. This is not only a repair of that problem, but of all the problems in our lives which led to it (hence genesis); the problem, in other words, of conditioned susceptibility. So we are not just removing thought; that by itself is most likely impossible without extensive brain surgery. To remove thought from the memory completely and naturally we must expose all the trifling and tampering our minds have been subjected to since we were born. This means it is easier if one is younger, of course, since a young mind has been subjected to less, but this version of the class, developed through decades of experiments, ought to work with any person who could, if the need arose, return to school.

More Don’ts: If you smoke cannabis I suggest you get rid of the habit and the company while you study (As I sit here I notice one of my neighbours indulging; the habit is spreading. Thank God he doesn‘t smoke tobacco.). It is really the self-prescribed Prozac, and makes it almost pointless to approach a difficult subject.

Tryptamines in minute doses may seem practical for clarifying a difficult problem, but it is doubtful they do anything for the student except shorten the time by intensifying the effort. There are usually ongoing studies somewhere in Europe where a person who wants to try them may volunteer, although in my opinion the doses being used are often excessive. Someone cheating in a chess tournament wouldn’t use nearly as much, and he most certainly would win.

DMT (a street and lab drug taken by smoking or injection) is a natural tryptamine, found in the body, so if you get enough rest you will get a rational dose of it in any case. Seems a bit arrogant to push something around wilfully that comes naturally if your approach is healthy.

Alcohol makes a difficult class utterly impossible. Sad that it’s so popular. There are some nice alcohol free beers now. Norrlands Guld alkoholfri is a bit sweet, but comes in a can.

Finally: It’s amazing how many people have not discovered earplugs. God knows how they expect to study without them. This is not the ‘eat and puke’ education most schools offer to those who have no serious goals but to graduate. This is about the intrinsic right to study in order to achieve a place in society that is a passion, not a job. About freedom!

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