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Av dennis hägglund - 13 juni 2008 09:59

In thinking you design to make the other alone. You substitute some thing he will accept as you, so that you will have the place behind this "you” to shelter behind. In shelter you can think while affecting to be having a relationship.

Since you were born you have been surrounded by this phenomenon. Everyone who had anything to teach you or imprint upon you was actually not there. You were orphaned, with an image of others to serve as nanny.

And as you grew your friends fell into the same pattern, one by one they started to think, to substitute images (like those the adults made) for a part in relationships with you. So eventually you were abandoned also by your friends, without ever knowing they were not there, that you were looking at and talking to substitutes concocted by their thinking.

This is the irony of human development. We become utterly alone, but we don’t know it, because other people's thinking has manufactured "someone” who seems to us to be there. So, when we feel alone, what do we make of it? We make of it that we ourselves have elected this aloneness, which makes it privacy.

And privacy is what thinks.

Reality version: Find how you are abandoned, which is how you are alone with everyone you think you know.

Fantasy, or Ego version: Find yourself being so clever you have made yourself a private place in your mind.

One version can not sustain itself in the presence of the other.

When privacy is other, in other words, it becomes dismissive. You think, thus dismissing me.

Privacy in self-oblivion is other. He thinks, thus dismissing you, no matter how busy he keeps you.

Self-oblivion is sanity, the original state, the state which makes all life intensely present, the state of the child before he understands most common sentences, sentences being an involvement in the contradiction of the real, thus of perception.

To teach a child something creative we must first get rid of the nature of our own destruction, finding the way we have participated in our own destruction. In nature it is not merely philosophical to say, "The antelope persecuted and then ate itself with the lion.”. It is just how everything sees it. Total sanity is the total elimination of the paranoid "they” who did it to us, which therapist are so fond of hearing about from schizos. We become paranoid when feelings are not other, which is when we have become blind (when feelings assume the role of self, my feeling, they have ceased to serve as discovery, hence "blind"). This happens when the idea of security as what the bars on "the cage” of our lives represents begins to take effect: if I am secure, why am I bothering to see? Find out that authority preys, and there is nothing for the bars to mean but what they mean to the authority, and then you can get out of "the cage”.

A little quote: "People who protest war don’t know a thing about business. Getting people to kill each other is one of the nicer ways to make a lot of money.”

Av dennis hägglund - 13 juni 2008 08:43

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