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Av dennis hägglund - 5 juni 2008 18:26

Teachers on the internet. Put a camera in every classroom, and keep it pointed at the person who is getting paid to attend. If he moves around there are devices that can be applied to keep the camera both aimed and focused on him. The student can then repeat things from A to B at his liesure. The parents can vote with real certainty whether or not a teacher ought to be teaching a particular class. And future students can refer back to see if the same class has ever been taught better.

Also there is the question of segregating classes according to scholastic aptitude. Parents can also vote with clear insight on this issue if they watch how much or how little the slower children's attendance delays the process of educating the quicker ones, and how much or how little the quicker children's accelerates the slower ones.

The cost is nothing compared with the cost of political fencing around the education issues. You don't fine tune a broken telly; you replace it.


One of the most significant factors of behavioral development is touch. When do adults touch the child; where, with what parts of themselves, how and why? Perhaps there are no children on Earth who are touched in more ways by more people than today's Swedes.

Touch is an irrational substitution syndrome. At birth we have natural expectations, and adults can't imagine what is dissapointing us since all their wants are unnatural, and so the prescription for any mysterious ailment becomes to bounce, stroke, squeeze and rock the baby. This, which is normal, is in itself already deviant behavior (and there are fewer and fewer normal people in the world). It leads to masochism, where the child begins to depend on the substitute, rather than sticking to his guns and continuing to demand the natural stimulant.

Touch communicates itself very precisely to the child. A child does not suspect but perceives helplessly or choicelessly, perception being infallibly perfect, an exact and direct awareness of what is happening. And when we are older we become inured to touch because everyone has effectively (to conscious) denied all the things communicated by touch (making pickpockets very happy). This is perception becoming unconscious (perception of the intent behind the touch), and intended effect (where no one with any clout knows what was intended by the touch) substituting, making a conscious.

It is put this way: 'We are not conscious of people touching us.' Then, using this conscious "experience" for judging the touch children are subjected to we say it doesn't matter; there is nothing wrong with how the people we leave in charge of little children are touching them. We have an idea that this conscious accumulation of experience, in which no one ever touches anyone inappropriately except on the News, is the adult equivalent of a child's perception, upgraded to wisdom.

Av dennis hägglund - 5 juni 2008 16:15

Man has produced a human environment which seems to necessitate the educating of the young. They are born, like any creature, utterly alienated by this environment. The problem becomes that this process of initiation becomes all-consuming. It is a form of bigotry: How much importance do we adults place upon adapting to the human environment, and how little on what it costs the planet to relinquish its evolved environments to these changes? This bigotry takes the form that we dismiss the child's inborn or innate perception so that it becomes blocked by the "conscious" addition of human-environment-related conditioning.

This is as destructive to the child as human progress is to the planet and its diversity of life. It is the best someone can do for a child once he himself has been conditioned this way. Bigotry makes bigots. Let us discover together if there isn't a ready science of how to change this radically.

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